Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Broken Vessel

I am the broken vessel
The Potter chose one day
To form again for His own use
And would not throw away.

Broken, ravaged, crudely marred
Was this sin-sick pot of earth.
Then the Potter began again;
He started with new birth.

He put me back on His Potter's Wheel,
A hopeless, helpless lump of clay;
Then pressed and shaped me in His Will
To learn to walk His Way.

He found, then removed, impurities
Which had caused the mars to form;
He led, He loved, He chastened me
Through the midst of every storm.

'Tis true, I was a broken vessel
Unfit for use by God or men,
But the Potter in His Great Mercy
Has made me whole again!

Written by Jerrie Boos


Ujamaa Christian Poetry