Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Upon The Green Grass

The evening, I will tell you
Is my favorite part of the day
There was one in particular
That changed my life in every way

Although I'd never seen His face
I knew Him in my heart,
And I ran with eager swiftness
When I saw Him depart

Others ran on feet with me
Some out of every city
There were more than just a few of us
The number of us was plenty

When He came out, He looked at us
And He must have felt compassion
For He took the time to teach and to shepherd
I had never seen it on this fashion!

Now I heard tell later on-
(At the time, I did not know)
That those He'd called to be with Him
Told Him to send us away-we should go

Into the country round about
And the villages (it was said)
For the day was far spent, in this desert place,
And we should buy ourselves some bread!

To this, He told these disciples of His
"Give ye them something to eat"
They said, "Shall we buy 200 pennyworth of bread
Shall it be barley, my lord, or wheat?"

Then someone told me, He asked of them
What loaves they had, and said go see
They told Him, five loaves, and two fishes:
"Master, that is all that there be".

HE gave the word to His disciples
When not much time had passed-
To tell us to sit down by companies
Upon The Green Grass

We sat in groups of hundreds and fifties
It felt good for me to rest
And through the multitude of that crowd-
I saw Him look up to Heaven as He blessed

Those five loaves and two fishes
And gave them to His men
To set the food before us
And the best meal of my life began

I ate that day in awe and wonder
And softly began to cry
There were left twelve full baskets of fragments
We were all filled, I thought, "my, my, my!"

The number of us that He fed that day
No one can really be sure
Of the men there were about five thousand
Of us woman and children, many more

Then He sent His disciples away
And for a moment, we had Him alone
Then too, He sent all of us away
And I returned to my own home

I have never, ever forgotten that day
And my love for Him shall always last
My heart and my life was forever changed
When I saw His eyes-while I sat Upon The Green Grass

Written by Jaunda L. Taylor


Ujamaa Christian Poetry