Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Clothed fully in whole armor
Dressed from head to toe
She stands arrayed in worship
More now than ever before

The truth of God does strengthen
As well as make her free
She stands in praise inhabited
By her God of victory

Now having on the breastplate
Of God's own righteousness
She stands a strong prayer warrior
As God is in the midst

With feet that trod the path
Of the Gospel of Peace
She stands loyal to the Living Word
Abundant in her increase

Above all the other garments
When she takes the shield of faith
She stands as a fire extinguisher
From living waters wicked darts make haste!

With helmet of salvation on
Along with sword of the spirit
She stands unmovable in her call
To do the Word and hear it

She stands when she is up
She stands when she is down
She stands when folk are plentiful
She stands when no one's around

She stands while she is crying
She stands when she can smile
She stands for Abba-Father:
She stands: for she is His child

She stands when you don't see her
She stands when you do
She stands, I know for me
She stands for you, too

She stands-
For what else can she do/when she's holding God's hand
She does what she does/she does what is God's plan
She stands
She stands
She stands

Written by Jaunda L. Taylor


Ujamaa Christian Poetry