Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A Little Somethin For My Daughters

I am His creation
Vibrant, flowing, alive
Made in His image
For perfection I strive

Not waiting, or hoping
To dream a falsehood
But daring, believing
To capture the good

Walking wise thru the storms
Towards the brighter days
I keep my head up
And rise above the haze

Not seeking the counterfeit
Or a tripped up fake love
Needing rather the Rock
That was given from above

Standing firm on His Word
Andy my history's courage
Taking bitter with the sweet
I shall not be discouraged

I'll rise from the ashes
Like the eagles I'll fly
Being made more determined
By the tears I'll have to cry

Though darkness and dread
Sometimes come by my way
I'll keep pressing forward
Till the end of the day

I'll never give up
Till my place I see
A jewel shining brightly
At the table set for me

It's not earthy that makes me
The woman I am
I can do all things
As Christ guides my hand

Written by Jaunda L. Taylor


Ujamaa Christian Poetry