Ujamaa Christian Poetry

God Made Us Special

In the early morning I look in my mirror
What do I see?
I see I was made special
The me that I am, God springs forth with care
We are all special, not one is a pair

He made me so special
To live with all in His beautiful world
When I see the Art that He paints for me
I remember the beauty
That all of us see.

God made us all special
He loves us each one
Whether we look at nature
Or see the bright sun
Look at the birds, that fly in the sky
The eagle that soars, away there on high
All of creation both big and small
We may all see different
But we're all the same heart
When we answer God's call

When I look in my mirror
And there find my soul
I see myself different than all I have known
God made me as special
This I now know

When I look at the stars
I do not wonder
Where all of us are
God made us unique, yet one of a kind
God made us all special
To shine as He calls
At His perfect time

Written by Linda Ann Henry


Ujamaa Christian Poetry