Ujamaa Christian Poetry

His Divine Plan

I am part of Jesus' divine plan
Like the creatures who walk and fly
In the ocean so beautiful
Where dolphins and fish go swimming by
And the earth so green with grass to feel
The trees to shade us from the heat
All these things are Jesus' divine plan
For He alone knows all we need

The glory of a lovely breeze
The mystery of the moon and stars
All the white clouds coming from afar
Jesus put His miracle on each form of life
He smiles when animals run in fields so free
And blesses every baby born
We are all Jesus' masterpiece
He died for you and me

His divine plan is a wonderful part
Of who we are and by His grace
Who we can be
It is up to us to see His light to understand
When He opens wide His arms with love
We can know our souls will live
In eternity and always
We are the divine plan within His hand.

Written by Linda Ann Henry


Ujamaa Christian Poetry