Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Jesus Paints With Colors

If you look at the beauty of a rainbow
You can see the color Jesus paints
When you walk behind a waterfall
Listen to the music that it makes

In the vibrations of the woodpecker
You will hear of Jesus call
The angels in their beauty
Harps above us all
When a nightingale sings
There is spirit in her soul
There is something up above that never lets us go

Jesus paints with colors
Deep blue for the sky
Orange for the sun
Green for grass and flowers
The color in a butterfly
Showing as she flutters by
His wonder is never done.

We see the love of Jesus
Whenever we take in the view
I am thankful I am living
He created my heart too

I love The Father and I love The Son
I love The Holy Spirit
Because in all that was created
I see that they are one

Jesus took the time
To paint with all the colors
The sounds we hear each day
Even if we could not view each one
Our Lord would find a way

In all eternity, Jesus paints the beauty
Which His timing does allow
He is a painter and a poet
And I am His own
For He is my loving Father
The best of friends to me
My Dear Savior and my Lord
I give thanks to thee.

Written by Linda Ann Henry


Ujamaa Christian Poetry