Ujamaa Christian Poetry

I Have Seen Jesus

One day as I came to the end of my rope
I wonder how I ever could cope
I did not understand why I was so sad
Why was I angry, why was I mad

I had no one I could trust
To say a kind word
I did not believe in anything
Nothing I heard

Then out of nowhere, a light I did see
A Holy man coming to me
"My child I am with you every day that you live
If you will pray, you will see Me, I have so much to give

I am Jesus, your Lord and your God
Be peaceful in your heart, I am never far
I created you in the image of Me
I want your love, so I can set you free

You have now seen Jesus
Who holds you each day
I promise, never to go away

You may tell others, you have seen My light
Tell them I kiss, each and everyone this night
When you are sad and at the end of your rope
Jesus is with you to help you cope

Say a prayer with Me tonight
I want to know you love Me with all your might
Feel My hand, touching you
Whatever your sin, I promise to still love you".

Written by Linda Ann Henry


Ujamaa Christian Poetry