Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Can I see a miracle

I see a miracle
Coming from God's love
Can I wish on a star I see,
Shining from above

Can I see a miracle
For someone I hold dear
Can I stop my crying
Year after year

Can I see the sun, on high
If I send a kiss to the wind
Will God catch it in the sky
Can I find the hope I need
If I hold in my hands a butterfly

Will Jesus knows I care for him
If I carry a cross of gold
Can He read my mind
Or does He has to be told

Can I see a miracle
For someone in my life
I want to hear the birds sing
See flowers as they grow
I want to be a part of it
For it is everything I know

Can you my Dearest Jesus
Make a miracle for me
I am just a little child
In your eyes I want to see

I believe I have seen a miracle
A golden light came through
It was so beautiful, it was everything I knew
I saw Jesus hand and I held my breath
Jesus put His love on me, He gave me His best

I have seen a miracle
Thank you blessed One
From the Father you have come
You my Lord Jesus
Are kind and I am eternally yours
May I walk a while with you
Your love is the greatest of them all.

Written by Linda Ann Henry


Ujamaa Christian Poetry