Ujamaa Christian Poetry

God Never Sleeps

Outside my window I hear an angel sing
Sent by God, in my heart to bring
Love, like I have never known
To show how much God cares
He sent me one, when I was in despair

God never sleeps
He guides my heart
For in His love
I see "God's Art"

He sent me a special angel
Who was there to hold
Now she is someone I know
I called her name and she came to me
She helps me cope,
So thoughtfully

God never sleeps
In his arms I rest
He sent my special angel
To do all of the rest

When you believe
No one is there
Remember God never sleeps
He will give you care

Thank you God
For sending me
An angel I have come to know
To give me love
My soul to see

I will bless you for your loving art
For I know, you are always in my heart
You gave me a friend
An angel very rare
Dear God, You never sleep
You are always there

Written by Linda Ann Henry


Ujamaa Christian Poetry