Ujamaa Christian Poetry

As I Look Out On The Ocean

As I look out on the ocean
As far as my eyes can see
I wonder what the distant lands are like
I wonder what kind of lives they are meant to be

As I look out to the ocean
So big and deep and wide
I watch the waves come in
It is all so awesome
I feel I can see God's eyes

As I look at the sunset
The seagulls flying high
I feel the breeze touch my face
God's hand reaches out to me
I hold on and feel His embrace
He touches me so tenderly

As I look out at the ships in port
I wonder where they go?
There is this ever turning world
Just think, God, Himself, makes it go

My feet are in the sand He made
As sure as He made me
I feel I am on God's created earth
To think, The Lord made all
So we can be set free.

Written by Linda Ann Henry


Ujamaa Christian Poetry