Ujamaa Christian Poetry


There was a beautiful flower
God sent to us on earth
It came one day when it rained
Such a beautiful flower, who had much to gain
You see it was put in the garden of hope
Only special people see
A miracle from heaven, came to be

It was unlike any other flower that was made
For God, Himself picked it and gave it all He gave
I was very lucky, when I found this garden of hope
The beautiful flower was surrounded by birds and butterfles
I wanted it the most. I prayed to God to let me have it
Yet I knew if I picked it and broke the stem
This flower could not live.
So I made a mark so I could find it
And the beauty would never give in

God spoke to me from His Kingdom above
He loves me so much, for I was made from His love
I reminded Him of the birds and butterflies
He granted the wish, that I too would have wings to fly
A beautiful flower, in the garden which God calls hope
I now can see it, my eyes are open with deep love
I am not forgotten, when you see a bird or butterfly
I will live in hearts, for I have reached the sky.

Written by Linda Ann Henry


Ujamaa Christian Poetry