Ujamaa Christian Poetry

God Will Give You Roses

In times of trouble when it's hard to see the sky
God will give you roses, to comfort every sigh
When the clouds are dark and you're not sure what to do
There is a guiding light, which will see you through

If you feel soft tear drops, falling down your loving face
Ask God for roses, to gently take their place
The stars will keep on shining in this world we know
There are always moonbeans, which will help you grow

God will give you roses,
He understands you so
Our Lord will ever guide
You are not alone
Just keep on believing
In His loving touch
He can make a miracle
All you need is trust

There is a glow in all the seasons
Both happy times and sad
To make you so much stronger
To live as God prepared
Smell the ocean breeze and touch the warming sun
God will give you roses
Your day has just begun.
If I was never born I would never be able to see Jesus' face
If I was never born,
I would never be in God's grace
If I was never born
There would never be beautiful poems to write
If I was never born.
The people I try to help
Would be out of my sight

I forgive those who give me pain and hurt
They try to crush my spirit, but it does not work
Some are cruel, some do not care
They try to bring me to the bottom of despair

But, The Lord, my God, is on my side
I stay strong, He makes me wise
If I was never born
The earth could not be beautiful at dawn
The butterfly, I love so much
May not be there at all

I would not smell the flowers, or fly into the air
I could never be an angel
Because, I was never there
The loved ones I touched
And those who feel unloved
Would never have known me
And with my heart and soul
Never have been touched

If I was never born,
No laughter would I know
I could not see the raindrops fall
Or watch nature grows
I would never have met my mother
Who would have been unhappy to the end

I would never have known my sister,
She would have no one to confide in
And I would have no joy, bubbling from within
If I was never born,
Without life, there is no eternity
I would never have been, God knew
So He gave me my beginning

If I was never born,
I would not know how to pray to The Lord above
Thank you, Dear Jesus, for keeping me in your heart
You never forgot me
There is a light from you around my head
"Dear Child" My blood for you I shed

Written by Linda Ann Henry


Ujamaa Christian Poetry