Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A Living Mistake

When The Lord made people
In His wisdom alone, He let us
Make mistakes in this world we know

Some of us take a while to understand
The reason we were born
At times it may seem without purpose
Yet, we have this inner soul
Which we sometimes show to all

Yes, God brings us into the world
He loves us because there comes a time
Like a painting God created
The beauty in our heart begins to shine

I believe that though I may not know you
In God's eyes you are special too
We can all be blessed
Like the butterfly coming from a cocoon

Though living mistakes
We are made to find the light, a miracle of heart
Even at our birth God brought us forth
We are here to serve and help others
Who are in pain and hurting more than we are

I thank God for letting us be born
He gave me a gift
To off-set any mistake
For children are given
Such love, peace and kindness to give

I will never cry for those who believe
There is no purpose for them staying in this world
Like the butterfly, for a time they hide
God, thank you, the truly living mistakes are set free
To find the kingdom of The Lord.

Written by Linda Ann Henry


Ujamaa Christian Poetry