Ujamaa Christian Poetry

May I Live In This Life I Know

May I live in this life I know
Helping people as I go
May I touch someone's heart
I hope they remember me
And never will we part

May I live with my soul
Give love to someone I do not know
Can you look in my eyes
Do you see the reflection in the stars
I have tried my best, to get you through life's test

Never take the gift from your heart
And give it away, for there is only one you
No one else can understand, what to do
Do not cry any tears, for Jesus is here

When you are lost, or in despair
You are never alone out there
The love to create,
Is in writing about the life you face

I will give away my cares and worries
Jesus carry me, for I know I am weak
It is so hard for me to see,take me on this road, so deep
Hold onto my shoulder
I know for my life You care
Let me touch the sun and the waves of an ocean
No one can touch me, without going through the Son.

Written by Linda Ann Henry


Ujamaa Christian Poetry