Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Pharaoh and the Christian

The Hebrews, caught by Egypt's power,
Is man ensnared by sin.
The Saviour came, and in that hour,
The battle He did win.
The Hebrew saviour, Moses,
With zeal his staff threw down.
Magicians came and did the same
But Moses gained renown.
Now Moses' staff devoured the rest,
And then, at his command
Returned unto its wooden state
And rested in his hand.
The power of the magicians
Was now in Moses' hand.
Each miracle they tried to do
Did likewise hurt the land.
Pharaoh had sufficient frogs,
Even in his bed.
The miracles were happening,
Just as Moses said.

But what of hired magicians
Who came to Pharaoh's aid?
All their power's in Moses' hand,
And Pharaoh was dismayed.

All this was done before the lamb
Was slaughtered on that night;
Before the bloodstained doorposts,
Before the headlong flight.
Before a man comes to the Lamb,
Something must take place.
The Saviour visits "Pharaoh"
And sees him face to face.
And then he strips him of his power
Which held the prisoner fast;
And gives the captive power to flee
When freedom comes at last.

The Lamb of God does free a man
From Satan's power and might;
And only then can that man turn
To God, who dwells in light.
"Think on these things" the Scripture said,
But Satan is not one.
His kingdom is beneath our feet,
And all his threats are gone.
A man of understanding
Will search out all these things.
And any doctrine based on truth,
Oh! What a peace it brings!

Written by Harry Pywell


Ujamaa Christian Poetry