Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Gliding there against the sun,
A multi-winged and shining one;
Earth's image of the Seraphim,
And Satan had a use for him.

With folded wings and arms outspread,
He spoke to Eve, "Yea, Hath God said?"
He said to her, "Ye shall not die!"
And Eve, beguiled, believed the lie.

Now Satan was that highest tree
That promised so much liberty.
(For Pharoah never yet did stand
On Eden's pure, untainted land.)
Fruit of his lips did Adam taste;
Heart of man so soon laid waste.

Both Adams, then, did fall asleep.
(God's faithful promise he did keep.)
For one was formed out of the ground,
But help for him could not be found.
The other came from heaven above,
To show His mercy and His love.
From wounds inflicted in their side,
Each Adam did receive his bride.

Flesh of his flesh, bone of his bone,
Adam no more dwelt alone.
Blood spilled from the other's side;
And with this blood, He bought His bride.
One spirit they shall ever be,
And she'll rejoice eternally.

The earthly Seraph's head did rise
In that great insurrection;
And in the heavens his counterpart
Did fall from his perfection.
Through all their power and subtlety,
They lost, and never gained;
And we must know that in their mouths
The poison still remains.

Gliding there against the earth,
The snake, who knows full well his worth;
And from that time he knows he must
Go on his belly, eating dust.
The serpent can no longer gloat,
For God Himself's the antidote!

Written by Harry Pywell


Ujamaa Christian Poetry