Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Pasteur, Evolution and The Judgement

Louis Pasteur (the Christian)
With science inflamed a nation,
Disproving (with microbiology)
Spontaneous generation.

Thinking people everywhere
With evolution part.
A system can't continue
If it never had a start.
This principle is ever true:
That life from life must come.
And Christ is our Creator;
Of truth, this is the sum.

Evolution has one great appeal,
It has no need of Christ.
So we are never sinners
And need no sacrifice.
Man becomes the only god.
What he says must be right.
(Without the moral absolutes,
Our day is turned to night.)

The lawmakers obey the mass,
But when the Judgement comes, at last,
Where will we stand on that Great Day?
When all pretence is stripped away.

We'll know that God does all things own,
When we stand there before His throne.
And what a poor excuse to hold,
"Of evolution, I was told,
And so my faith in you did lack,
And at your grace I turned my back."

'Life is just an accident
And man does reign supreme.'
But Judgement Day's reality
Does wake us from this dream.

Christians, then
Must warn all men
And quick, before they die.
Of Christ on earth
Of Scriptures worth,
And evolution's lie.

Written by Harry Pywell


Ujamaa Christian Poetry