Ujamaa Christian Poetry


A marvellous work among the people.
A marvel and a wonder, our Lord did.
The wisdom of the wise has been made foolish.
The understanding of the prudent is now hid.

The filter that the Christians use is scripture.
The philosopher has filters on his mind.
But scripture casts a light on all our darkness;
And philosophers, in darkness, stumble blind.

"Beware lest any spoil you, " was the warning.
Philosophy is merely vain deceit.
And as surely as the sun does rise each morning,
The word of our Lord God is pure and sweet.

Abstract thinkers run around in circles.
"Admire me! And see how fast I run!"
The fool stands still, and lifts his eyes to heaven.
Repentance, in his heart, may have begun.

There is more hope for the fool than for these "wise men."
For God gave to them delusion at his will.
They substitute the Abstract for the Spiritual,
And the circles that they run are smaller still.

The preaching of the cross, to them, is foolish.
But unto us, it is the power which saves.
God destroys the "wisdom" of the "wise men,"
But Christians know the Gift that our Lord gave.

Written by Harry Pywell


Ujamaa Christian Poetry