Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Garment

The past twelve years of my life, I carried with me affliction and pain.

In the wee hours of the morning I travailed and cried out in desperation, for
a remedy to ease my burden.
My sickness caused me to suffer loneliness and isolation.

I was trapped in a pit of turmoil where Satan had access to my mind.

I was on a pathway of destruction,
Everyday I found myself fighting the spiritual wickedness of suicide.

I carried with me issues from my youth.

I sought out away to escape the trials and tribulations that I had endured
throughout the years.
I had no more room for failure.

I had no more strength for tears.

I had traveled all over the world seeking for a remedy to ease my pain.

I got weary, so I failed to find healing and freedom.

I had no strength to fight.

I had no more tears left to cry.

So I laid on my face in humility, and prepared to die.

And just when I decided to give up on life,

Outside of my window, I heard a crowd calling the name of JESUS!!!

So I struggled to my feet,
Praying silently for a Miracle, hoping this was my chance to be free!

I ran fiercely through the crowd, carrying all of my issues on the inside of me!

Saying to myself, "If only I can touch the hem of HIS garment",

At that precise moment I was thrust to the ground with force.

And there I was laid at the feet of Jesus.

I reached out to touch the hem of HIS garment.
I felt HIS virtue touch my soul,
On the very day that I decided to give up on life was the day I found myself
holding on to a piece of garment,
A garment that saved my life and made me whole!

Written by Earnestine L. Smith-Haggins


Ujamaa Christian Poetry