Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Sista Sista

Sista Sista how can I treat ya?
I am use to other sistas back stabbing and grabbing,
Trying to beat ya out of a nickel or a dime,
But you sista are different,
Your style is unique and so is your grind,
You walk around with a humble heart,
But if someone step in your face,
You'll quickly finish what they started...
You far from slow and you definitely not retarded,
But you can get a little crazy every now and then,
You are not afraid of losing because you know that you will win,
In any battle, conflict, or circumstance,
You are the poster child for Confidence,

Sista Sista
I never met anyone like you before in my life,
Single and beautiful,
The apple of God's eye
Men stop and stare at your holiness,
But you keep on stepping letting the righteousness flow from the anointing
that is with in your soul
What a powerful mind,
To empower yourself to have self-control,
You are a woman of virtue, plus you're gifted and talented,
A successful business woman,
Known in the streets as a woman with class,
But then there is another side of you not Ghetto or thuggish,
Just don't mind putting a boot in someone's deviar...if they rub you the
wrong way...
Does that make you an itch?
Whoever decides to try you that way...will find out it does not,
But they will know the meaning of, touch not my anointed and do my prophet
no harm!
When the wrath of God comes to curse those who curse you and twist
their arms!

Sista Sista
What can I do for ya?
I am your admirer and I simply adore ya!
When I grow up I want to be just like you,
Your age is timeless and yet your wisdom is on time!

My Sista
The one that prays for me and keeps me encourage,
It is my time to encourage you...

Sista Sista
You are a reflection of your ancestors, great grandmother mother's mother,
and your mother too...who would have known that to be like Christ is to be
just like you!!!

Written by Earnestine L. Smith-Haggins


Ujamaa Christian Poetry