Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A Smile Says It All

Dear friends, a smile says it all
this Valentines Day.
A hug, a kiss and happiness
will come your way.

I write, Happy Valentines Day
to one and all who read this poem.
I pray that you will get a Valentines
smile at work or at home.

You can buy flowers and gifts to
express your feelings to another with love.
Share your feelings - let them know that
they are the ones you are thinking of.

Jesus has told us to share our love
and help others as we go.
There is a lot of good that can come
from Valentines Day, I pray you know.

Friends, it only takes a smile to help
so many of us.
On this special day I wish you blessings
from God, the Holy spirit and Jesus.

Written by George Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry