Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Trials And Blessings

There comes a time in most people's hearts
when they are searching for God's love.
It's God's Spirit that touches
our heart from above.

Because when you talk to Him, through you,
His Spirit will bear good fruit each day.
Yes, you will feel the Lord's love
and follow what He has to say.

Then the Good News of Salvation
will live in you.
The Good News is God's Son, Jesus,
died for us - that is true!

By faith you can let the Lord
take care of your needs.
Then you will tell others about the
Good News and plant good seeds

We all have blessing that God has given to us
also trials to go with the blessings.
The trials will strengthen your spirit
no ifs, buts or guessing.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry