Ujamaa Christian Poetry

What More Can I Say?

Dear friends, what more can I write about my Dad?
Over the past 55 yrs I thought I'd said it all.
But I'll see if the Lord will help me again
When on His name I call.

My Dad was the best of the best!
That's exactly how it was
He tended to me and provided for my needs
to this day he still loves.

I thank the Lord often for my dear Dad
and all he gave up for me.
What a loving man he was
I'm sure he is with Jesus in Glory.

He gave up a lucrative career
because I was first in line.
Dad always did things like that.
He helped steer my heart soul and mind.

What more is there for me to say!
I look forwards every year for Father's day.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry