Ujamaa Christian Poetry

O Lord, I'm Sorry

O Lord, I'm sorry for all the
sins I have done.
O Lord, forgive me that I may
to Your kingdom come.

You are the Great I Am,
that title is reserved only for You.
Your holiness that radiates around You
is an aura so wholesome and true.

O Lord, I am not worthy to be in Your presence -
I am but a lowly human.
You love me, I am your child
I will praise You all I can.

O Lord, let Your angels go and proclaim
that Jesus is on His way back to Earth.
Let the trumpet sound to call those
who have, by Your Grace, rebirth.

O Lord, once more I write -
I am sorry for every one of my sins big and small.
Thanks for loving me and picking me up
every time I took a fall.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry