Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Everlasting to Everlasting

The Lord is everlasting ,
He had no start and has no end.
He is every place all at once,
and He desires us not to sin.

But we do sin, time after time.
We would like to forget about them - every one.
And God knows all those things
still He invites us all to come.

Accepting that spark of faith in Jesus
and letting Him become our personal Savior.
When we invite Jesus in our heart
we are forgiven for all our sin and change our behavior.

No more will you be taken over by
Satan's sins of all kinds.
Satan never stops trying to
get into our hearts or minds.

Ask Jesus to rebuke Satan so he
won't get the upper hand.
For all who love God
are in His eternal plan.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry