Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Satan: A Deadly Predator

Friends, Keep watch! Keep a light burning
so that Satan doesn't sneak in.
If there are even little places
he will deposit his sin.

When you feel as though something
is tempting you - call to Jesus to be saved.
For Satan's temptations are attractive
just for you they are custom made.

Satan is all evil and hate. He is a lair
and a thief too.
Friends, keep your guard up,
he never stops trying to get you.

Rebuke him in the name of our Lord Jesus
and Satan will have to flee.
Keep praying and stay strong in the spirit
and he will fall as if from the highest tree.

Keep Jesus in your heart at all times
and you will be okay - just fine.
Let us praise our Lord
keeping Him in your heart, soul and mind.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry