Ujamaa Christian Poetry

2 Calories A Kiss

I have heard that when we kiss we use
2 calories each time we do.
When trying to lose weight -
each calorie matters is what I say to you.

In a whole day's time I'm kissing my wife,
two children, the dog and cat.
When I add all the calories together
from all that kissing - I should lose some fat.

The Lord has told us to love Him first
and then love everyone else too.
Kisses come from the heart and travel
to our lips burning calories is what they do.

I've done the math and that's at least
50 calories, give or take a few, every day.
That adds up to a substantial amount
by the end of the week I'm happy to say.

So I plan to keep on kissing,
all I possibly can.
And you know that's more than likely
part of God's plan.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry