Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Are You In Good Hands?

If you watch TV, I reckon you have heard
the question "Are you in good hands?"
Why of course we Christians are
protected by God's commands.

Yes, dear friends, we must always know
that God is in control.
We can take great comfort
that God takes care of our soul.

If you have accepted God's Son,
then you will be Glory bound.
In Heaven there will be unimaginable
wonders all around.

Don't let Satan ruin your life.
He will if he possibly can - without a doubt.
Stay with the Lord at all times
He'll guide you whatever you're about.

Are you in good hands? Yes you are
is what this poem has to say.
So feel good inside and out
God's love will be with you all the way.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry