Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Flowers and Rebirth

Friends, let none of our sins be
weeds in God's garden.
Through Jesus, from our sins
we will get a full pardon.

We were made by God to be
beautiful flowers - each and every one.
We are planted in His garden
so Jesus can nurture us all, not just some.

As we grow, Jesus will tend to us and we
will be come part of His beautiful bouquet.
How lovely we will grow because Jesus
has made us that way.

May we each stay in full bloom
so others will want to be the same.
That way we can tell them the Good News
and Jesus' name.

Then as time goes by Jesus will prune us
for the last time on Earth.
For our roots will have grown deep into Glory Land
and we will receive rebirth.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry