Ujamaa Christian Poetry

No Mountain to Climb

Dear Lord, dear Friend, I need You
in my life everyday.
Without exception! With hope and
faith, only to You will I Pray.

I cannot leave my house without
prayer first of all.
O dear Savior, I know by Your promise
I can always call.

I have a deep depression problem and
I'm sure You know.
You have made it possible to stay home
when I need to do so.

For there are sometimes I cannot go outside
no matter how hard I try.
Any You move mountains for me, sweet Lord,
Your love for me is why

O Lord, I need You and that's why
I'm writing this poem at this time.
I'm thanking You for making it possible to
be home today with no mountain to climb.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry