Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A Hard Row to Hoe

When we don't acknowledge the Lord,
we have a hard row to hoe.
Perhaps this message is so very'
true because first hand you know.

Things can always get harder
than you could ever think of.
Yes, that's also true.
We'd better pray to God above.

Only He can make a change in us
if we want to change - some don't.
But I do! I've dug many a hard row,
but now I won't.

I have given Jesus my heart and soul
I'm born again - what a treasure!
Dear friends, be sure you are
saved with good measure.

Then you will get away from a hard life
filled with sorrows.
And you can live for the Lord today
and all of your tomorrows.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry