Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Just Too Busy

The trumpet sounds and Jesus comes
to Earth riding His majestic cloud.
A myriad of angels and spirits
are praising Him aloud.

It was just as Jesus told us - He was coming back
to receive His own - the living and the dead.
The voices of the angels were nearly too
loud to hear every word that was said.

What a beautiful sight to see in the sky and
all the way to the ground.
Words can't explain the colors - it was
like many bright rainbows cascading down.

Some people kneeled and started chanting
"Jesus, sweet Jesus, You have come back for us."
Others were prostrate, begging Jesus to take them.
Now, they promised only Him would they trust!

The Book of Life was opened and the names of
the saved went to Jesus in the twinkling of an eye.
But some names were not found and those
people could not go - their spirits would not fly.

They said they were just too busy all their lives to
talk to God and accept His saving grace.
Those people had to go to the Lake of Fire
and suffer eternity in Satan's place!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry