Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Wow! Mom's Day

Wow! I Can hardly believe that Mother's Day
is so near - just a couple more days.
So, we all need to let our Moms know that we love them
and for our loving Mothers, give God the praise.

Without our Moms, we have a hard time
getting through childhood and the rest.
We can also thank the Lord for our Moms,
to us they are the best!

I can remember taking all my troubles to Mom
and she fixed me up.
Nobody was like Mom to get me
feeling better from scrapes, a sprain or a cut.

My Mom has been with Jesus
in Glory Land for five years now.
Wow! You know, I still have her living
in my heart - unconditional love is how.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry