Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Thank You, Mom

I am not a highly-educated man
but I can write, read and do all the math I need.
Thanks to my Mom for preparing me for this life and the next
every day in the Holy Bible she would read.

She told me one day that
I would want to be saved from my sin.
I heard the four Gospels so often
that I surely knew them.

One day while she was reading to me
I felt the Holy Spirit come into my body - I was saved.
It must have been my time to get closer to the Lord.
Thanks to Jesus, I was remade.

I had no idea, when Mom read to me,
that every word would prove to be true.
Oh, thank you Mom, for reading to me.
Thank you, Mom! Thank you!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry