Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A Gift For All

All praise to our eternal God
who loves us so very much.
Christmas means our Savior has been born
may this miracle your heart touch.

On that first Christmas night,
in a humble manger God's Son was born.
Oh how blessed we are to have Jesus in our hearts -
let no one feel forlorn.

It is an awesome time each year
we draw together to celebrate this day.
"Jesus is born, He is the Son of God most high,
there is no other!" is what I say.

Jesus is our Christmas gift!
Jesus alone is all we need!
Our faith and redemption have grown
from such a tiny seed.

Praise God for the gift of Jesus
He is freely given to each of us, the same.
come dear friends, and exchange our love
and blessings that come through Jesus' name.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry