Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Only He Can - Rejoice

I write to you; Rejoice! Rejoice!
This happiest morning of all days.
Come and love the Lord and everyone else,
and give God all the praise.

God has given His little child, a boy named Jesus,
to love everyone and help them along their way.
You can't know Jesus if you are in a Christmas time disarray.

For the angels on high proclaimed;
"A king is being born at this time."
Rejoice, rejoice! They are right God's
Son is alive in the believers heart, soul and mind.

Let's give thanks to our great "I Am"
for giving us redemption, forgiveness of every sin.
Rejoice this Christmas morning
it is Jesus who gives this most precious gift again and again.

Let's be happy for what Jesus has done for us
He followed His Father's plan.
Only Jesus could pay for our sins,
only He can!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry