Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Best Days

The best days of our lives
are after we become saved.
We have confessed our sins and
through Jesus we are spiritually remade.

We are assured of living after we
pass away from this planet.
The very best day will be the day we go
with Jesus to heaven - don't forget it.

When Jesus sends us the Holy Spirit, the Comfortor
and teacher of all needed things.
Yes dear friends, our Lord is with us
with the never ending love He brings.

Open your heart; when Jesus comes
you will surely live again.
What an everyday gift we have -
This Good News I share with you, my friend.

I shall pray for you, perhaps
you will pray for me.
On our best day, our spirits
will go to Jesus in His full glory.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry