Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Adventures Of A Christian

What adventures Christians get to take
by God's mercy and Grace.
Our Lord is our guide as we travel
all over this place.

He is with us before we are born
and all the rest of our days.
Oh, how He loves us, dear friends,
let's always give our Lord great praise.

Thank You dear Lord, for everything You
are doing for us - getting us ready to come to You.
What an adventure, my dear Christian friends,
I wouldn't tell you if it wasn't true.

When that little voice inside of us speaks,
it is the Holy Spirit - lets take heed.
Great praise be to the Holy Spirit -
always in search of what we need.

Geet excited my friends, great things
are ahead - what great blessings they will be!
Friends, what an adventure is ahead for us
with God in His magnificent Glory!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry