Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Come To Jesus

Dear friends, if you don't know Jesus
then come to Him now.
Invite Him into your heart
and repent of your sins is how.

Ask Jesus to help you change your ways
and He will do it right away.
You don't have to wait or get put on hold,
Jesus will be within you that very day.

Come to Jesus and receive rebirth
to live once more after you die on this earth.
Praise God for his salvation plan!
Receive His Grace of complete rebirth.

I caution don't wait too long,
you could die unsaved and lose your soul.
For the Evil One will collect them and
they will be under his control.

I pray that will never happen to you
or anyone else you know.
Friends come to Jesus and His love
inside of you will begin to grow.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry