Ujamaa Christian Poetry

New Life

Dear friends, God can breath new life
into those who have been beaten down.
God knows all and when we struggle,
He helps us - we are always put on new ground.

Despair and defeat mean nothing to our God -
He is much greater than they are.
If we are caught up in them, God helps us out -
for He is our guiding star.

We can count on Him to come to our aid
in times of hardship.
He will not let us stay downtrodden
let us not forget.

Call His name, He will give us a brand new start
quick as can be!
We get new life from our great God who has made us
He will see that we endure most assuredly.

Talk to Him, dear friends, in good times and
in times that are not.
For He is our God, our Creator
that all wise men have sought.
inspired by Ezekial 37:3

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry