Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Deliverance of Jonah

"Then the Lord ordered the great fish to
spit Jonah out on the beach and it did." Jonah 2:10 NLB
Friends, what an eventful time Jonah had with
the Lord - no way could he be hid.

When the Lord desires that we do something,
He tells us and expects our best.
And dear friends, many times in our lives
that will put us to the test.

Yes, we might as well go ahead and
do what ever it is and get it done.
Think about our Savior, Jesus,
He always followed God's will - a faithful Son.

God has great mercy and patience
He gives time for the unsaved to be delivered from their sin.
So if you know someone who is not saved,
please pray for them.

And in a Twenty-first Century way
they too will get spit up on the beach.
Then they will have their soul saved and
be far from Satan's reach!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry