Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Thank You Dear Savior

Our dear Savior, the innocent Lamb,
saved all who believe in His name.
Rejoice it's Easter Morning!
Our Savior for all of us came.

He fulfilled all of His Father's promises and
our relationship with God was restored by Him.
Dear friends, let us praise our Savior
He overcame death and sin.

Let's bow our heads and get on our knees
before our Savior and our King.
For there is no one like Jesus
He has taken care of everything.

Oh dear Savior, how we love You and
need You! Thank You for this Easter Day!
All the angels in Heaven are praising You,
our faithful Savior I'm blessed to say.

Dear Savior, How awesome You are!
Oh how much Your love is worth!.
Thank You! Thank You, dear Savior
for Your death and rebirth.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry