Ujamaa Christian Poetry

No Room For Sorrow

There is no room this Easter Day for sorrow
it is time to celebrate and rejoice.
For Jesus, our Savior,
has risen by His Father's voice.

"Arise! Dear Son." Perhaps were the words spoken
no one knows except the "Great I Am'.
We have great love in our hearts today.
It's all part of God's Easter plan.

Dear friends, the stone was rolled away
as the angles in Heaven did praise.
And out walked Jesus on Easter morning,
the first of many God will raise.

Death and sin were defeated!
God's love has over come.
Dear friends, we are alive
in God's precious Son.

We belong to Jesus -
He takes care of all of His sheep.
No room for sorrow this day,
all who are saved for eternity Jesus shall keep!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry