Ujamaa Christian Poetry

So Much Love Sown

My dear Mom gave birth to me
all planned out by God at just the right time.
She was always with me
so very easy to find.

When I got a little boo-boo, she kissed it
or put a bandaid on it and all was well.
But then there were broken bones
from a high slide when I fell.

She always baked chocolate cakes
brownies, and cookies what a treat!
All my friends looked forward to coming over
and around our table taking a seat.

It was only half-a-mile to school that I walked
when I got old enough.
Oh boy, walking home in that hot Florida sun
was kind of tough.

Mom was always standing on the front porch
waiting for me to get home.
She's with the Lord now
after a long life of love she had sown.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry