Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Great Rapture

To everybody, The great harvest will be coming soon
is what inside I feel.
The Lord spoke to my heart
be sure you are saved - there will be no appeal.

We have had ample time to talk to God
and become saved by His Grace.
So to all of you who are not saved
come to Jesus - He is every place.

Speak out to Jesus - ask Him to save your soul
and from your sins, repent.
He will accept your call
and you will know that He is Heaven sent.

Jesus is waiting for his Father to tell Him
to return to this Earth.
Jesus will be here at the trumpet's sound
and we will receive our rebirth.

Dear friends, the great rapture is on
it's way - nothing can stop it - not even prayer.
Be sure you are saved: Jesus will be calling
those who are from everywhere.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry