Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Living Better Than Before

I sure am living better now
that I am saved, than I did before.
Now I can feel and see
God's love more and more.

If you are not saved, friends,
perhaps you would like to be - let's start.
All you need to do is to talk to Jesus -
ask Him to come into your heart.

Then the doors of Heaven will be open for you
when your time comes along.
God made it that way so salvation can't be bought or sold
because that's wrong.

Salvation is free - it always has been.
Let's give God praise for that.
The rich, the poor all get the same saving Spirit.
That's Holy Bible fact.

Remember friends, you can live a better life
if you are saved.
For then by God's own hands
you'll be completely remade.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry