Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Lord Jesus, I Give You Praise

Oh dear Lord Jesus, I give You praise
each and every day.
Thank You dear Lord, because
to You I can always pray.

The more I pray to You, dear Jesus,
the closer I feel to You - that's grand!
I know by talking to you
I am following God's plan.

That is why we are here
God surely made us every one.
We can't figure it out
but God's Will shall be done.

Thank You Lord Jesus, You pray
to Your Father for our benefit.
Oh Lord, You are so very kind.
The day we were saved we shall never forget.

Step by step I will follow You, Lord
all of my God given Days.
Dear Lord Jesus, to You
I will give all my praise!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry