Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Christmas Day CDs and IRAs

Back when our Savior was born,
shepherds watched their flocks that blessed night.
Now it's our time to watch our cars, credit cards,
CDs, IRAs and the like.

Sorry, friends, if you want to read a nice gentle poem
about our Savior's birth - it's not this one..
Only the confused at heart and wordly people
will be watching over their net income.

Oh how can I write a poem like this
on Jesus' Birthday?
It's very easy for many of us to only
think about Jesus when it fits into our day.

I pray you don't live like that; and that Jesus, God's Son,
lives in your Dhristmas Day heart!
That will be the best present you will ever get,my friend;
God is giving you a brand new start.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry