Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Message to Self

Message to self - Don't forget to get everything done today.
Message to self - Don't forget to talk to the Lord and pray.

Messsage to self - Make sure you get all of the bills paid.
Message to self - Remember what Jesus said about loving others and
why we were made.

Message to self - Pick up the kids from school and don't be late.
Message to self - Try to read in the Bible today.
But if I do, other chores will have to wait.

Message to self - Call the plumber about the leaking kitchen sink and drain.
Message to self - Don't let Satan lead me to despair and cause my spirit pain.

Message to self - You have to put the Lord first in your life or
you will never have any peace of soul, mind or heart.
Message to self - I am going to accept Jesus as my Savior right now,
for I am lost! Then my true life with Him will start!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry